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The Affordable Advisor™ Program

or the CEO who believes that his company must do better.

For the Banker who understands and cares enough about his customer to introduce them to a valuable and cost effective resource.

In this economic climate, all companies, no matter the size, face challenges. Every CEO knows loneliness when confronted with events that breed uncertainty caused by:

  • Rapid growth
  • Stressed profits and/or liquidity
  • Competitors turning up the heat; foreign competition
  • Limited Credit Availability
  • Wondering whether "Am I seeing it all?" "Am I prepared for my challenges?" "Is there a better way?" "Do I fully understand the risks?"

CEOs of privately held companies do not have independent, active Boards of Directors/Advisors as resources to provide advice, guidance and direction. The skills of a talented and motivated Board can be an invaluable resource that can make a significant positive difference in company performance. The Board will also be a source of encouragement to the CEO by promoting a close working relationship with him/her. Those companies without that Board resource must search for those skills elsewhere. The Affordable Advisor™, Ross Honig, can be that resource. He will help you:

  • Expand the company's vision and introduce the company to new tools to drive that vision.
  • Prioritize opportunities
  • Improve operating results
  • Recognize and respectfully communicate to the emperor on the occasion that he may be wearing no clothes.

The Affordable Advisor™ Program is a solution designed to enable the CEO to have a mentor, advisor, sounding board and confidant utilized for the purpose of accelerating short and long-term growth, profitability and liquidity through the entire spectrum of business activities: Planning, Marketing & Sales, Operations, Finance, Organization and Systems. Working closely with the CEO and if appropriate his team, Ross will:

  • Provide focus on sound initiatives to grow the company.
  • Assist the company to understand and prepare for today and the future.
  • Help management anticipate and navigate successfully through setbacks.
  • Challenge business plans. If there is no business plan he will facilitate the creation of one.

There are two segments to The Affordable Advisor™ Program:

The Enterprise Examination. "Knowledge Is Power", - This examination is an in-depth look at the History, Current & Future state of the company. The examination consists of reviewing financials (5 year history including interim current statements); significant legal contracts; marketing data; trended sales data by customer by margin, by product and product line; business plans (if available); organization dynamics; major systems and technologies and interviewing key team members. The final step is to sit with Management and present a verbal report supported by analysis and dialogue about the findings of the Enterprise Examination and draw implications to the present and future. At this point, Ross will have acquired enough knowledge about the company to begin to render advice.

The Monthly Consultation - a process to encourage communication with the Advisor and the Management Team fueled by fact finding, analysis and discussion which will promote positive change. It consists of ten hours per month of Advisory Services. The centerpiece of this consultation is a formal operational and strategic meeting held at the company and focused on evaluating progress toward the plan objectives and assuring that processes are established for dealing with contingencies and the inevitable deviations from plan. All information to be covered at the meeting should be distributed well in advance to enable the meeting to be short, efficient and productive. On average, it should take about one to two hours to prepare for the meeting and the meeting itself should take about three to four hours. The balance of the ten hours is spent in any combination of activities i.e., telephonic meetings discussing new challenges or resolving existing problems; coaching when requested focused on teams or individuals facing difficult problems which may require support as well as private discussions between the CEO and Ross.

When should you use The Affordable Advisor™?

  • When there is adequate -runway- and resources to make change.
  • Immediately upon recognition that profits and/or liquidity are slipping
  • Early, Early, the least expensive and optimal time to act.

The Cost of The Affordable Advisor™ Program - An Impressive Value Proposition

  • The Enterprise Examination - a nominal flat fee pegged to the size and complexity of the company.
  • The Consultation - Ten hours multiplied by the current hourly rate. Should the CEO desire additional time the same hourly rate will apply.
  • Travel - No Charge for time travelled.
  • Expenses - All expenses are reimbursable at cost i.e., Air, Hotel, Mileage etc.

The Affordable Advisor™ is ideal for smaller and mid-sized companies looking to deal with their present and future Enterprise Health. Working with an independent, highly skilled advisor is a sign of your personal and professional strength and confidence. Click here to see What Our Clients Say.