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The Enterprise Examination™

his program is primarily designed to be integrated with The Affordable Advisor™ Program. In addition it has been used very effectively as a standalone program for The Banker to mitigate risk. Often, a more proactive approach may be in order either at the front end of the investment/loan process or subsequent to the investment or after a loan is booked and things are not moving according to plan. The Enterprise Examination helps define the appropriate level of urgency.

This offering consists of an operational assessment process that focuses on identifying the cause of sub-par performance and financial and operational risk. Not only does it address the particular area that concerns the client; but also includes evaluating the enterprises management. The results of the examination are presented to the client in discussion format which not only includes the examination findings; but also includes suggestions for dealing with the deficiencies and risks.

This is more than an evaluation and a numerical analysis. Enterprise Examination will prove to be an integral part of your risk management process by providing an independent, unbiased, external perspective that allows you to move closer to achieving your goals.